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The VerticalCLAMP a HAWK tool
Big commercial shops and furniture builders have used vertical clamping systems for years to save floor space.  Now you can save that space too with the VerticalCLAMP  clamping system by HAWK.

Now there's no more fighting to position bar clamps properly, or worrying about them popping out when you try to clamp them down.  This system mounts on the wall of your garage, basement, or workshop providing you with the perfect system for clamping glued up panels or doors. 

The system mounts to the wall with hinges to extend the bottom from the wall so that you can set each board on it, apply the glue, and stack the next board. The boards are near upright when you apply the glue so you no longer have to worry about glue running off onto the bench.
It's a simple 4 step process to glue up your boards and have them stored until the glue dries while you move on to other projects!
1. Load and glue up the work piece
2. Tighten the clamps down
3. Flip the stop to the vertical position
4. Let the panels dry
2     2x4s 4' Long
1     1x8 4' Long
4     3/4" Pipe with Ends Welded
1     Bag of Hardware
4     Hangers
1     Hanger Rail
2     Shelf Hinges
Overall Length                                    4'
Clamp Pipe Length                             4'
Number of Clamps                              4'
Additional Clamp w/ Hanger               Optional
Shipping Dimensions                          54x10x6, 54lbs
Lowes price for a 4' 3/4" black nipple is $12.38 and a 3/4" pipe clamp is $14.98 which yields a total cost of $122.12 after tax for four clamps. This price does not even include the hangers, hanger rail, shelf hinges, the wood, or even the hardware for mounting. Our system costs less, comes with everything you need to hang it on the wall, and our pipes are zinc plated! Black pipes (the ones used for the above pricing) rust and galvanized pipes (even more costly) will often slip when you are clamping!