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The MultiFUNCTION Planer a HAWK tool
The MultiFUNCTION Planer does alot more than just plane boards. This machine has up to four functions

It is, of course, a planer, but it is also a drum sander for giving your wood a smooth finish. After you've completed that, you can rip the boards using the gang saw head. Finally, you can swap out to the molding head to create the perfect trim. We can even include special functions and modifications such as diamond heads and special controls for glass-epoxy composite materials.

The pricing of this machine is based on the number of functions you are looking for so this machine is a call-to-order only machine.
Maximum Width
Stock Thickness Range
Maximum Depth of Cut
Mimimum Stock Length
Feed Rollers
Feed Rate (variable speed)
Feed Gear Motor
     Phase Standard
     Phase Optional
          Optional w/ 3phase
Cutting Head RPM
Sanding Head RPM
20 1/8"
3/16" to 8"
1 7/8" Urethane

0 to 25 ft/min
180V DC

3 ($100 deduction)

7.5 ($100 addition)
SIMPLE HEAD CHANGE only one allen wrench required.
QUICK CHANGE HEAD converts from a planer, to a molder, to a gangsaw, to a sander in just a few minutes.
HIGH SPEED BEARINGS are self-aligning for years of trouble-free service.
ADJUSTABLE BED of precision ground steel.
HEAVY DUTY V-BELT DRIVE delivers maximum power to the cutter head for all applications with a single belt.
INDUSTRIAL GRADE 5 HP MOTOR to give years of dependable service.
MAGNETIC SAFETY SWITCH IS STANDARD, this is required by OSHA for commercial applications.
NON-MARRING URETHANE IN/OUT FEED ROLLERS that feed the wood into the planer leaving no marks, nicks, or cuts.
1/4 HP DC FEED GEAR-MOTOR is controlled by an industrial grade PWM speed controller for a constant feed rate adjusted by the turn of a knob.
VARIABLE FEED RATE goes from nearly zero to 25' per minute
SMOOTH BELT DRIVE on feed roller yields trouble free operation with no chains or sprockets to trap wood chips.
HEAVY GAUGE STEEL BASE designed for years of demanding use.

Specs are based on the current model 820 Planer.
Now you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have done everything you can from start to finish to make each of your woodworking projects their very best. Use the HAWK MultiFUNCTION Planer to finish your own lumber; turning rough-cut stock into precision-milled lumber in just minutes. 

Buy your own rough cut lumber direct from the saw mill, then surface it yourself and pocket the savings.  You will be able to use the best lumber for a fraction of the cost. Save 50% or more on the lumber for your projects. You determine the perfect piece for your project and then you cut and finish it yourself by just dialing in the exact dimensions needed.

Spiral Head
You will have finished thickness lumber you can be proud of from the MultiFUNCTION Planer. 
Now that you have your lumber at the proper thickness, you can remove the planer head and insert the gang saw head in just a couple of minutes. The steps are simple and easy to follow.

1) Remove the top cover 
2) Undo the two bolts on top of each bearing mount
3) Remove the top of the bearing mounts
4) Remove the Planer head
5) Place in the Gang Saw head
6) Put everything back together

With this attachment you can rip your lumber to width. It will allow you to rip the exact width repeatedly and quickly without the problems of holding the lumber against a table saw fence.
Once again you can remove your head and insert the custom molding knife head in just a few minutes. Whether you plan to make moldings and picture frames for your own use or start your own commercial production shop, the HAWK MultiFUNCTION Planer is the right tool for the job. Then, with one pass, you will have the molding of your choice. You will no longer be limited to what your local lumber yard stocks.

Molding Knives
With the HAWK MultiFUNCTION Planer, you can start your own successful business in which you design and create your own custom moldings or recreate historic antique moldings. You can do it easily and affordably with a little help from the HAWK Custom Knife Department here at Bushton Manufacturing. We have a large catalog of standard molding knives.

We can also supply custom molding knives upon request. All custom molding knives must be paid for before the knife is cut and are non-refundable. Knives are priced per knife, gibs and balances are separately priced. Knife orders usually take one to two weeks after they are paid for.
It is now time to finish your lumber by sanding it. As before, remove the head that is in your machine and place in the sanding head. The Velcro-attached paper can easily be changed from one grit to another. We stock sand paper from 60-220 grit to meet your sanding needs.
To guide the boards through the gang saw and molder, we offer HDPE guide boards for smooth, low friction feeding. The metal guide strips keep the boards aligned through the gang saw or molder. Guide rails are also available. Guide boards and rails are sold separately.