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In March of 2009, the investment group closed the doors of Hawk Woodworking Industries, LLC. On April 14th, less than a month later, we, Bushton Manufacturing, LLC purchased Hawk Woodworking Industries, LLC (formerly RBI), moved it to our facilities in Bushton, KS and combined it with our other operations. 

We enjoy hearing from customers, many of whom have had their machines for 20+ years. We will always make an effort to get the right parts to the right place and we strive to ensure customer satisfaction. 
Hours of Operation

  Monday            8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

  Tuesday           8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

  Wednesday      8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

  Thursday          8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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Here at Bushton Manufacturing, we take pride in long-lasting, well-built tools like the Hawk line. Hawk Woodworking Tools started as Pruitt in 1929 in the town of Pleasant Hill, MO. RB Industries (RBI) bought Pruitt in 1972 and moved the company to Harrisonville, MO. In 2007, RBI sold out to an investment group who called the company Hawk Woodworking Industries, LLC and moved the company outside Garden City, MO. 
October 2017
October has arrived and Bushton Manufacturing is as busy as ever!  Nikole has returned from maternity leave and is helping us get back into our usual preparations for the upcoming holiday season.  The end of the year is always our busiest as we receive more and more calls for orders and technical questions.  As we come closer to the end of the year, we will be updating more frequently with more exciting news.

August 2017

It is hard to believe it is already August. Bushton Manufacturing has had a very busy year so far preparing for our newest member of the HAWK family! Baby Connor was born to Nikole and Scott in late July! While Nikole is on maternity leave, Adreann will be moving from part-time to full-time in the office. Nikole will be back in the office soon!

January 2017

Please be aware that our local phone company has been having some connectivity issues, especially this past week. We apologize for the inconvenience and dropped calls. They hope to have the issues resolved soon, but we ask that you bear with us while they resolve the issues.​

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We attended several woodworking shows this last year but, at the moment we do not have any woodworking events confirmed for 2017, but we will post them in our Events ​Calendar below as soon as new information becomes available.  

We'd like to thank all of our customers for helping us turn 2016 into a successful year and we hope to assist you with all of your 2017 woodworking needs! Whether you have been a member for 30 years or just a few days, we proudly continue to provide service to everyone who has joined Hawk Woodworking Tools Family! Please check back regularly for new announcements on products, events and our company!  

December 2016

The Holiday Season is upon us and once more, we prefer to celebrate by making your own holidays a little more affordable. Our Bishop Clamp, LED Mag Light and our Vertical Clamp are all on sale for a discounted price throughout the Holiday Season. These specials are available both online or over the phone.

Our sister company, Quincraft Products, has the answer for those struggling to find gifts for non-woodworking friends and family. Give the gift of healthy popcorn with Atom Pop! The Atom Pop Popcorn Popper works on both electric and gas stoves and is loved by those of all ages! Click HERE for more Information!

As you begin searching for and making gifts for the holiday season, please keep in mind that we are working our hardest to complete your orders as quickly as possible.

Please place orders for gifts and crucial machine parts as early as possible to ensure Christmas delivery. The last shipping day for guaranteed Christmas delivery using the USPS First Class is before noon on Wednesday, December 20st.

Most importantly, Bushton Manufacturing would like to wish you a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season!

​More Information
PHONE PROBLEMS: We have had several customers complaining that they cannot reach us. We have been in contact with our phone company several times regarding this issue and here is their explanation:
What's going on is something called least cost routing. As the receiving phone company we can't do anything about how our system receives the call.
What needs to be done is customers need to call their phone providers and tell them that they can't call a certain number number (in this case the HAWK number (620) 562-3557) from their phones. A lot of times the company will try to say "well that number must be out or not working" and that is not the case. So they must be persistent in saying they know the number works they just can't call it. 

Once you've convinced them that it's their issue they will want specific times and dates that they tried calling so they can trace the calls to see where they are going bad.
​The holidays are here again! Gifts for every good little girl and boy are being bought off the shelves almost as quickly as they can be placed and the Season of Giving brings us all together for warmth and high spirits. We will have sales through the season to keep you merry, starting with our VerticalCLAMP and our BishopCLAMP.
The VerticalCLAMP is perfect for those large work pieces that take up the entire benchtop with bar clamps to hold everything together until the glue dries. Now you can hang it on the wall and keep using that bench space! The VerticalCLAMP comes with four (4) T-Pipe bar clamps, hinges, and all the necessary mounting wood to install it anywhere in your shop! Clamps up to four feet of material and lets it rest on your wall to keep that bench top clear. Marked down to $105! That's over 20% Savings. Get it while you can cause this clamping system will be going fast.

If you prefer working with small pieces, the BishopCLAMP is the perfect tool for you! Developed by Intarsia expert Homer Bishop, the BishopCLAMP is specially designed to hold various pieces together for prep and gluing. It is made of HDPE so you never have to worry about your project sticking to the clamp! Don't let the "Intarsia" design fool you though, this clamp works just as well on fretwork or any smaller project that needs held together. This clamping system is on sale through the holidays for $175 and the stand sold separately for just $40 more!
Check back often as we have more sales coming in the next few weeks! Whether you are looking for yourself, or as a gift for the holidays, you can't go wrong with HAWK WOODWORKING TOOLS!
​In other news, we have added a detailed instructional video from the old RBI archives for the HAWK RouterSHOP to the videos page and to the RouterSHOP products page. Stop by those pages and check out the video! It's sure to make you reconsider just how much a single tool can do!